Yolk-pie Cake Machine

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Yolk-pie Cake Machine

tomatic pastry & cake forming machine can form all kinds of pastry and mooncake, especially stuffing is harder (mixed nuts paste)or softer ones. There are so many kinds of forming moulds. The customers can choose according to their need. The whole body is made by stainless steel which conforms to the food hygiene standards and easy to clean. The quality of the machine is stable and it is convenient to operation. It can compose the automatic production line with encrusting machine, dish ranging machine and tunnel furnace.

Main technical parameter:

It is automatic line with the following components:

1)Mixer 2)Cake Forming Machine 3)Tunnel Oven 4)Cooling Conveyor 5)Auto Injection Machine 6)Cooling and UV Sterilization 7)Arrange Machine 8)Packing Machine

We can supply the different models of machine about the automa