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    Two-tone Multi-functional

    Two-tone multi-functional cookies pastry machine is based on the same kinds of machine’s advantages in the world. And we devised out a new kind of machine that can produce most figures according to the need of the various figures of the cookies pastry. The main characteristic is two-tone without the pipeline, no matter the metal tube or the rubber pipe. So it overcomes some defects, for example, easy to plug and difficulty to clean the mixed food materials etc defects. If you use the rubber pipe, it will be easy to outburst and the cookies material also become hard and difficult to squeeze out in the winter. Our machine adopts built-up plate, color crowded together, so it’s more easy to form, clean and operate. The machine is through the rotation of the feeding roller’s gap to press out the pastry and through the various rotating mould, WEDM and pull-flower mould to form the various figures, single color, two-tone, monolayer, double deck, and a half on two-color, symmetrical two-color ,inside and outside the two-color etc beautiful and wonderful cookies. The machine’s conveyor is through the canvas belt. Through the telescopic boom to convey the cookie’s body into the net style tunnel baking furnace, and also you can convey it by the tray. Factory also can reduce the investment and increase the biscuits kinds by using original biscuit production line. The machine is the most advanced product in the country and there is many moulds can be ordered Main technical parameter: