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    Automatic Walnut Crispy

    Walnut crispy cake is a traditional Chinese biscuit that is favored by people of all ages particularly in leisure time or tourism. The demand for this food has been increasing since it came into the market for the first items. However, up to now, it is mainly produced by hand, which can not increase its output quickly enough to meet rising demand and its quality can not be assured, either. For this reason, after years of research, we have developed this unique automatic walnut crispy cake machine that is a special design for the production of walnut crispy cake. Assisted by system control program, the machine is easy to operate and maintains the natural taste of the walnut crispy cake by100%.
    This machine can make walnut crispy cake with sesame and almond on it and freely adjust the size of the cake according to customers’ requirements. Besides, this machine can be equipment with tunnel furnace, hot air rotary oven and deck stove that are produced by us.
    Main technical parameter: