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    Tunnel Oven

     This oven is consisted of oven shell, mesh belt or chain driving unit, humidity discharging system, infrared electrothermal tube and electric control system. The internal part of the oven shell is made from stainless steel plate which is helpful to improve the heat efficiency. it is equipped with mesh belt error correcting wheel and mechanic error correcting device to ensure that the oven can continually and normally carry out the production. The humidity system is equipped with control valve for controlling the temperature and humidity of internal part of the oven, The thermal source is the combined infrared electrothermal tubes with reasonable arrangement so as to improve the utility ratio of electric heating units. Every section oven has the electrothermal indicating function. The quality electric units are selected for automation. It is a full-function oven for the production of various biscuits. There are three heating methods, diesel, gas and electric, for your choice. We also can customize product according to customer’s requirements.
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